One-Day Open Top Loop
If you have limited time in historic Philadelphia or simply want a convenient way to see the city’s highlights, the Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours 1 Day Pass is the easiest and most flexible way to make the most of your visit.
Two-Day Open Top Loop
In the City of Brotherly Love, there’s so much to do and see. With the Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours 2 Day Pass, you can experience it all and enjoy complete flexibility to “choose your own adventure.”
Three-Day Open Top Loop
In Philadelphia, there are dozens of top attractions to explore – from historic landmarks to the hippest new restaurants and shops. There’s only one way to see and do it all: hop on board a double-decker sightseeing tour! With this pass, you’ll have 3 whole days to explore the city at your leisure.
RiverLink Ferry
The RiverLink Ferry System provides cross River transportation between the Camden and Philadelphia Waterfronts during the summer season. It provides daily transportation for visits to local attractions and all major waterfront festivals and events.
Ghost Tour of Philadelphia Candlelight Walking Tour
A candlelit tour through one of most historic and most haunted cities in the nation is a thrilling way to spend your evening after the sun goes down in Philadelphia. As your enchanting, costumed guide leads the way through back streets and shadowy alleys of Independence Park, Society Hill, and Old City, hear chilling tales about the ghosts of Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Franklin and other famous figures in American history.
History in HD Walking Tour
See the landmarks of historical Philadelphia, also known as the City of Brotherly Love and the Birthplace of American Democracy. There is so much to see on this guided tour through the Old City and beyond, yet it is still a comfortably paced 2-hour walk.
City Hall Tower Tour
Located in the true center of Philadelphia, the City Hall Visitor Center is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. While there, you will certainly want to take the trip to the top of the tower 548 feet above ground level.
Secret Food Tour Philadelphia
In Philadelphia, we are extremely passionate about our local food, our city, and its extensive history. Philly is known for many things: our famous sports teams; important historical figures; the Rocky stairs; and, of course, our iconic foods. When you bookour Secret Food Tour, you'll get to try delicious dishes that the locals know and love, and sample colonial era recipes enjoyed by the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Plus we'll show you how to find the best shops and restaurants, and provide other great tips to make your experience truly memorable.
Italian Market Immersion Walking Tour
Slow and steady is the pace of this walking tour through the Italian Market, any foodie’s delight and perfect for anyone who likes to shop, walk, or eat. Enjoy some nibbles, and when you find something you must buy, it’s likely your tour guide can get you a discount!
Spirit of '76 Ghost Tour
Engaging, knowledgeable, and fun guides are standing by, ready to take you on a 1-part History, 2-parts Haunt tour through the cobblestone streets of Old City to hear chilling stories about the Spirits of ’76. Historic and haunted Philly will give you a fright by night. Mystery, history, and intrigue combine in a perfect blend for a fun night to remember.
Segway Adventure (1 Hour)
Philly by Segway offers visitors and locals alike an unparalleled way to see The City of Brotherly Love in a way that gets you out into the open air, moving along at a speed perfect for both sightseeing and “getting there!” Local tour guides are excited to share the history of the city and offer insight into the many opportunities for exploring it in more depth.
Segway Adventure (2 Hour)
Two hours of touring by Segway will take you a long way as compared to traveling by foot, and get you much more up-close than you would be by car. The Human Transporter is self-balancing and it is easy to learn to ride with a short 15-30 minute training session before you head out among the pedestrians, bike riders and walkers.
Vampires, Sex, & Ghost Tour by Grim Philly Twilight Tours
This R-rated adventure through Philadelphia’s seediest spots is a unique way to explore darker side of the city – and it’s for adults only. Developed after a year of research by university professor Joe Wojie, the Vampires, Sex and Ghost Tour is entertaining, informative and eerie.
Haunted Pub Crawl by Grim Philly Twilight Tours
Get two tours in one with the Grim Philly Haunted Pub Crawl! Learn all about Philadelphia’s dark and seedy past as you visit the site of the witch trials, the graves of the Founding Fathers, and some of the most haunted graveyards and colonial buildings in America.
Sightseeing and Serial Killers Tour by Grim Philly Twilight Tours
This isn’t your average Liberty Bell excursion. No, Grim Philly’s Sightseeing and Serial Killers Tour puts a dark and entertaining twist on any visit to Philadelphia. With three university professor tour guides leading the way, you’ll make your way to Philadelphia’s most haunted sights and see the seedier side of tourist favorites like Christ Church, Elfreth's Alley, and the Betsy Ross House.
Nightmare Before Christmas Tavern Tour by Grim Philly Twilight Tours
Toast with the ghosts of Christmas past on this one-of-a-kind tavern tour that offers a dark and fact-filled take on the traditions that led to today’s holiday celebrations. Enjoy seasonal beverages, snacks, and giveaways while socializing with friends new and old as you visit three warm and cozy Philadelphia taverns.
Moonshine & Valentine Tavern Tour by Grim Philly Twilight Tours
From Roman animal sacrifice to Aztec aphrodisiacs, learn about the history of love rituals across cultures and centuries on this unique Valentine’s Day-inspired tour. Bring your date on this magical and steamy venture t0 some of the best Philadelphia watering holes.
Bootlegger’s Prohibition Pub Crawl by Grim Philly Twilight Tours
This two-in-one tour gives you the opportunity to discover the sordid past of Philadelphia’s prohibition period AND the chance to socialize in three of the the city’s best drinking spots – from those with historical significance to the hippest new watering holes.
Witches and Ghosts Tour by Grim Philly Twilight Tours
This Philadelphia ghost tour is unlike any other. At Grim Philly, you won’t find actors in costume jumping out to startle you. But what awaits is much more unnerving. You’ll discover the city’s true paranormal side and take a look back at haunted happenings that date back to the Founding Fathers.
Independence Tour
In this 90-minute walking tour, you will discover how America transformed from 13 British Colonies into a new nation. Hear about Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton as you visit the sites where they made world history – you will see the place where Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.